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City Development Plans, Investment Plans and Business Plans

The launch of Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JnNURM) in 2005 to enable cities to realize their full potential with focus on quality infrastructure provision and accessibility led to initiation of preparation of urban perspective frameworks for a period of 20-25 years (with 5 yearly updates) indicating policies, programmes and strategies of meeting fund requirements for every identified city. These were named as City Development Plans (CDPs). Apart from the JnNURM, CDPs were also developed under various other schemes like UIDSSMT.

The City Development Plans focused on the assessment of current situation of the cities, identification of gaps in services and their delivery mechanisms and to propose for the alleviation of the gaps, thus identified. The outputs include sector wise strategy and action plans, projects for infrastructure upgradation, training needs, capital investment and financial operation plans, implementation plan and institutional arrangement required city vision for development and required Urban Reforms Action Plan for the city.

The plan preparation also included city wide citywide consultations, focus group discussions and workshop to identify priority needs and to arrive at a vision for the development of the city.

Main objective of Business Plan was to provide a framework to guide decision-making, allocation of scarce resources and capital budgeting in the most effective way along with identification of institutional and regulatory reforms required for realizing regional wide strategic goals. It included identification of priority projects through technical appraisal, preparation of investment plan and framework, financing and funding strategy.