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Environmental and Social Management Framework Study of PMGSY


Key Point
Client : Ministry of Rural Development (MORD), Government of India
Country : India
Status : Completed


Environmental and Social Management Framework Study on the Environmental and Social Aspects of PMGSY

A World Bank funded project taken up by MORD designed to undertake an independent review and recommend a framework for managing environment and social issues as applicable for the PMGSY.

The main tasks carried out:

  • assessment of current standards of environmental and social assessments being carried out in PMGSY
  • assessment of policies and operational procedures to address, mitigate and manage the environment and social issues in PMGSY, test for compliance in practice on a sample basis and identify areas that need modifications/strengthening
  • recommending enhancements for project preparation (planning and design), implementation and supervision arrangements;
  • recommending mitigation measures for identified environmental and social risks; and
  • recommending capacity augmentation within MORD/NNRDA to critically assess recipient state/local governments’ preparation, implementation and supervision arrangements in the PMGSY.