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Feasibility Study for Dry Port of Rajasthan


Key Point
Client : PDCOR Limited, Govt. of Rajasthan
Country : India
Status : Completed


Consulting Services for Feasibility Study for Dry Port of Rajasthan

The project focused on setting up of  a ‘Dry Port’ facility in Rajasthan to service trade in and around the state to facilitate improvement in the total logistics chain of domestic and international goods trade emanating in the hinterland of Rajasthan and its adjoining states.

The main tasks carried out:
  • Site suitability analysis through primary surveys for location of the Dry port and final site selection by ranking various alternatives
  • Assessment of cargo potential by studying current national /regional traffic demand and forecasting for future.
  • Cost estimation for setting up of dry port along with ancillary facilities
  • Tariff movement planning
  • Assessment of revenue potential.
  • Economic evaluation for ‘with and without’ project scenarios and calculation of Internal Rate of Return
  • Financial viability including Financial Internal Rate of Return (FIRR)
  • Environment and social impact assessment.