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Multi-modal Transport/ Transit Planning

Planning and implementation of public transport system for sustainable mobility in urban areas is the need of hour. It can be road or transit based. Very often, because of the size of the city and demand on various corridors, no single system is optimal to cater to 40-70% of travel demand at city level. It requires integrated approach of multi-modal transport/ transit planning and sustained Transit Oriented Development (TOD). This includes rail based transit system such as MRTS, LRTS, Mono-rail on primary corridors and its integration with BRTS or normal bus system as long haul or feeder services. These projects are done having area based demand assessment and transport models which reflect to change or intervention in overall transport supply & modal shift and therefore gives the expected ridership on proposed system satisfying the travel need at area level, economic and financial evaluation, project structuring and preparing tender documents. LASA has done numerous such studies including feasibility and detailed project report preparation of Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS), Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS), Light Rail Transit System (LRTS), Mono rail System etc.