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Tender Advisory Services

Implementation of infrastructure projects is undertaken by contractors and concessionaire through SPVs reliant on the mode of implementation. Of late financial institutions have joined in the fray. Bids have to be submitted in a short duration of time reliant on limited traffic and engineering surveys/assessments translating into a highly accurate BoQ. Design optimisation is pivotal to prepare a reliable and competitive bid.

These services include Technical Due Diligence that has to be undertaken on behalf of the prospect bidders. Infrastructure projects may carry hidden risks and risk identification/assessment becomes highly critical. Considering the gamut of consultancy services that LASA provides it is strategically positioned in the forefront for comprehensive risk assessments and provide highly competitive tender advisory services (pre & post bid included). The kinds of services provided under Tender Advisory Services are;


  • Detailed Optimization
  • Bid Preparation and Procurement
  • Tender Advices (Pre & Post Bid)
  • Pre-Tender Engineering Services (PPP Projects)