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Transaction Advisory/ PPP

Financing needs in transport infrastructure are huge. Government at various level is keenly pursuing private participation in funding and creating transport infrastructure which gives not only economical and societal benefits but are commercial viable with element of revenue generation by way of imposing user charges. In view of this, enabling environment to attract PUBLIC Private Partnership (PPP) in developing transport infrastructure has been created by Central Government and is being followed by state governments and urban local bodies. LASA is providing its services as “Transaction Advisor” in the area of project identification, undertaking techno-economic feasibility studies on commercial format including project structuring employing various innovative options to increase commercial viability of the specific projects, assisting client in drafting pre-qualification, bidding documents, draft concession agreement, evaluation of the bids of prospective bidders/ concessionaires and finally closing the transaction between client and private entrepreneur.

The services further extends in providing independent advisory services to private entrepreneur in terms of undertaking traffic studies and therefore assessing potential revenue in view of national of state toll policies (as applicable), identifying risks, providing services to lenders/ financiers. So far, LASA has done more than 100 such advisory projects for concessionaires, bankers and Govt. agencies in the projects like road, terminals, multi-storey parking, Container Freight Station, Logistic hub etc.