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Transport Node Development

Transport Node development such as bus/ truck terminals, transport nagar, Yard/depot/ workshop facilities, railway station/ terminal, airport, container depots, dry ports, multi-storey parking etc. are integral part of transport planning. However, feasibility studies and DPRs are very often done independently. LASA extends its services in this area actively with its capable team. Typically, scope of work includes conceptualizing facility / scale commensurate with current and forecasted traffic for at least 20 years of project analysis period, detailing of each and every aspects of facility such as entry/ exit, bays, ticketing, public amenities, shelter, admin requirements, processing, storing areas, passenger/ freight movement within terminal, costing, economic evaluation, project structuring and preparation of tender documents etc. Services also include establishing and providing adequate network connectivity to such nodes with overall transport network at city/ regional level.